Hi! This is where I work on an animation series called "Lil' Miss Cheerleader"!
And variety animations too!

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LilMissCheerleader's News

Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 1 day ago

So, today is FNF’s 2nd anniversary, and did I tell you that in one of my animations, I was reacted by one of the dev’s?

in case what animation, it was this one from an animation for Pico Day last year!

Oh, I also played the game before, it was fun.

And also, Happy Anniversary to that game! And I hope you all have a great day!

—Madeline (LMC creator)


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 3 days ago

It's international boyfriend day! I also did an art to celebrate so, yeah.

- LMC creator, Madeline


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 5 days ago

Sooooooooooo, I watched Hocus Pocus 2, it wasn't bad, but I still prefer the first one better!

Also, I plan on making a Newgrounds themed Hocus Pocus fanart! I thought it would be cool to see a Newgrounds trio as the Sanderson sisters. But the characters will be my choice I choose as the Sanderson sisters.

Anyways, stay tuned!


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 3 weeks ago

Soooooooooooooo, I have an announcement to make! I'm gonna do variety animations now besides the Lil' Miss Cheerleader series! Now you will see is parodies, new shows and more animations! And also, some of my animations will have changes, (like becoming more older audience themed!)

Because why? Because I can't be sensitive all the time. Life is all about changes. After all, this is Newgrounds after all. It was never made for children!

Sure, I admit, my series Lil' Miss Cheerleader is a series targeted to little girls, (aka female children) I admit, guilty as charged.

But I might add more animations that are targeted to all genders, and add some more older audience themes (but not too much)

After all like I said earlier, this is Newgrounds after all.

Thank you for understanding

---- Madeline


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 1 month ago

I’m back to working on a new episode of Lil Miss Cheerleader! :)

— Madeline


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 1 month ago

I'm taking a break because today is a very sad day. Why? Because it's 9/11. And we can't forget the people who died from the terrorists that damaged a lot of buildings with the airplanes causing too many people to die.

So I'm taking a break from the LMC show today because well, take this as a day off.

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna watch a memorial on the news about this sad day of American history.

9/11 never forget.

---- Madeline


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 1 month ago

Since I’m working on a new episode, I’m doing some rough sketches and a story script, I’m also working on a costume design for my character Lil Miss Cheerleader. For those wondering who she’s gonna be for Halloween, she’s gonna be Little Red Riding Hood. I will keep you updated on some news. Also, I have gotten seasonal allergies and then a cold, so I might not do voice acting until I’m ready for my voice to not sound sick. But while I’m taking a rest, I will be working on those sketches. And then one I’m done (if I’m fully healed), I will do the voice acting, and then I will start to animate, I still have time, but I’m gonna take my time. No rush.

—Madeline (Lil’ Miss Cheerleader creator)


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - 1 month ago

I know, I keep changing my mind a lot on a storyline to animate, but this time, I’m gonna make a new episode of LMC which will be a Halloween special instead of a back to school special. I know, call me lazy, call me Miss Mind-Changer, but I’m just a busy woman with college and all that stuff. So, again, expect a LMC episode when I’m not busy with college, but don’t expect it to be a back to school special! (Because that story ended up being cancelled)

—Madeline (Lil Miss Cheerleader’s creator)


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - August 26th, 2022

So I have the demo for Splatoon 3, so if you see a post in the game that has this (if you have the game demo on your switch)


You'll know it's me!

- Madeline (Lil' Miss Cheerleader Creator)


Posted by LilMissCheerleader - August 23rd, 2022

Hey guys,

so today was my first day of college, so my new schedule, every Tuesday and Thursday, I will be in college taking classes, and I will be studying.

expect a new Lil’ Miss Cheerleader episode when I’m not studying. Probably when I have new ideas on the weekends!

—— Madeline (Lil’ Miss Cheerleader creator)